Law Firm For International Business Disputes

The Business Litigation Attorneys at Conway & Conway have a sophisticated understanding of business and corporate law and the implications of commercial and business litigation. Their Manhattan and Long Island attorneys provide legal advice, counsel and aggressive litigation services to individuals and corporations.

Agile - Responsive - Personalized Service

The firm is agile, responsive and yet large enough to handle numerous cases and provide personalized service for your business and commercial litigation needs.

Corporate Litigation Attorneys

Conway & Conway's Corporate Litigation Attorneys provide institutional and corporate clients with comprehensive representation in business and corporate law disputes.

Constant communication is maintained with the client throughout the lawsuit procedure and litigation process. Conway & Conway's work includes traditional corporate contract disputes. The law firm handles international business disputes and complex litigation cases involving U.S. and international clients.

The firm's commercial and business litigation practice includes representation of plaintiffs and defendants in actions. Contact Conway & Conway if you want personalized service from aggressive litigation attorneys that have your goals in mind.

Here are some examples of matters that are handled by the litigation lawyers at Conway & Conway. Their successful experience includes the following, but is not limited to:

Transactional Disputes:
  • Trade Documentary Letters of Credit-DLC
  • Letters of Credit Import Export Financing
  • Bills of Lading
  • International Commerce; purchase, sale & delivery of goods
  • Non-conforming Goods
Corporate Governance, SOX & Compliance:
  • Sarbanes Oxley
  • Corporate Governance Fraud
Breach of Contract Complaints:
  • Employment Breach of Contract Cases
  • Breach of Contract of Promissory Notes
  • Real Estate Breach of Contract
Other Business Litigation Matters:
  • Real Estate Property Disputes
  • Real Estate Lease Disputes
  • Employment Disputes
  • General Corporate Arbitration & Mediation

Business Litigation Attorneys

The Business Litigation Attorneys at Conway & Conway keep their clients well informed and work closely with clients at every stage of a business or commercial dispute:
  • from How to File a Lawsuit
  • through the Lawsuit Procedure
  • to the Lawsuit Settlement or Verdict
The firm's lawyers seek timely and cost-effective resolutions through arbitration or litigation. Clients can be represented in all New York State and Federal Courts by the law firm.

International Business Disputes

The law firm's International Business Disputes Attorneys emphasize legal strategies that minimize financial exposure and reduce business interruption.

Corporate and private individual clients in New York, throughout the United States, and internationally who are facing business disputes or commercial litigation and are seeking to resolve a dispute and/or recover damages should contact the Business Litigation Attorneys at Conway & Conway.

Conway & Conway's offices are located in Midtown Manhattan. Call for a consultation and review of any immediate legal needs.